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Halloween – curl up with a great ghost story and be petrified for a pound Mauveine special http://selz.co/1nXsioF #ian1 #kindle #kobo


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Halloween – curl up with a great ghost story and be petrified for a pound. Mauveine special #ian1 #kindle #horror #kobo http://ow.ly/DyqKc

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Rhapsody of Succession PrintCoverV1

Finally, after doing a lot more research than I anticipated, I’ve completed Rhapsody of Succession, the fourth book of the Rhapsody series, continuing the global adventures and romantic journey of nuclear scientist and Cassini CEO, Professor Lauren Hind.

This one is a hoot, all the usual Rhapsody characters are back in humorous and fighting form plus a few more new and intriguing additions to the series, set to plague Lauren Hind’s well thought out plans yet again. And I’m really pleased with how the cover design worked out. Here’s the description:

Following confirmation, scientist and Cassini Chairman Lauren Hind adjusts to the realities of becoming pregnant with triplets at the age of forty-three. But husband Philippe, struggling to return to normality after the trauma of Murmansk, loses communications on an extended hunting holiday in Siberia. Whilst her news filters out, he remains unaware of Lauren’s plight, adding to her frustration and growing alarm with unresolved dilemmas, as she falls back on past affections to try and come to terms and understand. In the midst of this and grappling with continuing international success, Lauren suddenly finds her daughter, friends and colleagues making their own declarations of pregnancy as a veritable epidemic ensues, with major consequences as daughter Charlotte announces it’s time to wed again and step-daughter Svet abruptly ends family ties. When a mysterious Russian gas engineer, Olga, appears from nowhere into her life, she is reluctantly forced to reassess her foundering marriage and make an array of life changing decisions. An unexpected phone call triggers a journey to the darkest interiors of Central Africa. Why must she go, given her condition? And can anyone confront the murky plot and consequences that await and save her before the nightmare of the last nine months finally knits together for a devastating conclusion?

Intrigued?  Now available in print and eBook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook and Kobo and in my online shop

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