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We have just launched the Creative Gateway publishing website on http://www.creativegateway.com following a major revision of the full range of publishing opportunities and services being offered to writers, new and established in our specialist genre of science within fiction. Creative Gateway is looking particularly for new writers to consider for publishing, so if you are a romance, thriller or suspense writer and can create great stories with an underlying science theme throughout, either contemporary or historical then we would love to hear from you. Just go into our publishing and services sections, on the website, for submission details and send us your ideas.

Where does nuclear fusion meet romance and adventure in Sicily? In the Rhapsody of Restraint now available on Amazon Kindle everywhere.

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GEQIIW

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/cle7xz8

This is a contemporary romance and suspense novel, where you head to your nearest coffee shop, buy yourself a round of Cappuccinos, download the book and while away the rest of the day in pleasurable escapism and indulgence. Professor Lauren Hind is a scientist who appears to have it all – global recognition for her nuclear fusion work, a doting designer husband who she loves and a mega salary in a large corporate so she can indulge freely in her joint passions of haute couture and mathematics. But is this sufficient to quell a growing and unexplainable mid-life unease about her feelings and what she really wants?

In the spring she embarks to Sicily to lead a prestigious research conference but unexpectedly meets up with the mysterious and beguiling Luis who lures her into a culture she had not experienced. Fuelled by drink and intrigue, a train of events and happenings take off and Lauren finds herself desperately buffeted by a seemingly irresolvable kaleidoscope of emotional and confused outcomes which threaten to violently overturn her well-structured lifestyle and relationship bearings.

When her husband turns up she intends to use her innate scientific brain and good leadership skills to quickly analyse her way out of the mess she has created and save her marriage — but new and interrelated twists and turns throw her into further turmoil, entanglements and more betrayal as she is forced to question everything she has stood for and taken for granted. She has to make fundamental choices and face the consequences or break free. But just when she thought she had made the right and logical decision, someone turns up who has the capability, passion and desire to take from Lauren whatever she wants.

Lauren needs to muster up her best problem solving skills and find the will and the strength to confront and resolve this additional adversity and get to the bottom of her own complicated needs but can she overcome the temptations …?

THE RHAPSODY OF RESTRAINT is the debut novel of Roy Baldwin and is the first book of the Rhapsody Trilogy series which continues the intriguing scientific and emotional destiny of Lauren Hind.

There are so many exciting developments in publishing right now, with the digital world changing the landscape at a pace which leaves writers, publishers, agents and booksellers breathless by the day. We thought it was time to highlight and debate our thoughts on the melee and especially the opportunities being created – so welcome to Creative Gateway’s first blog – and it’s about time!

We invite you to follow our exciting developments in showcasing science and technology within romance and thriller fiction and share and comment on our own vision, ideas and perceptions of the exciting future eBooks are bringing to the whole world.